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Professionals Benefit from George H. Morris Chicago Clinic

Clinic coordinator Diane Carney, George Morris and host Rush Weeden show off the star jump from the 2018 World Equestrian Games to honor the U.S. gold medal win during the clinic.

 "There is no future generation without education."

Antioch, IL – November 26, 2018 – The popular George H. Morris Chicago Clinic wrapped up Sunday at Rush Weeden’s Brookwood Farm, leaving riders feeling confident and appreciative for the education with the legendary trainer and rider. Coordinated by Diane Carney/Telluride, auditors filled the seats, also eager to watch and learn as Morris taught and demonstrated the fundamentals of forward seat riding and training.
The Chicago clinic traditionally attracts top riders with a waiting list beginning as early as July for the November date. The clinic is an annual date reserved by many professionals who know the importance of education and make the time to hone their skills and prepare for the next competition year. Many auditors repeat the clinic annually as well and were delighted to watch as Sunday’s last group finished the round at 1.45m.
“There is no future generation without education,” said Morris as he opened his session on Sunday morning. “I always travel with two books, one that I’m reading and the next one. People, you need to read books and get educated.”

Morris promotes the basics of the American riding system.

Along with education, Morris stressed hard work as he added, “You can’t buy seat, you can’t buy hands, you can’t buy eyes, they are a gift from god and you have to work for it.”
Many of the riders and professionals who attended the clinic pointed out that as a result of the education, they are more confident and inspired from Morris pushing them outside their comfort zones during the sessions.
Professional Peter Lombardo of Frontier Farm came from California for the opportunity to ride with Morris.

Peter Lombardo and Benchmark Stables' Undine.

“For me it’s pushing myself, its very challenging. I don’t usually do a lot of jumpers these days but I’ll watch the World Cup Finals or something like that and it’s very inspiring, but to actually push yourself to train and jump higher is hard. It’s very rewarding to be involved in something like this. On the backside, I feel more experienced and confident, all riding is at a certain point is confidence,” said Lombardo.

Liz Atkins and Johnny Bravo.

“If you’re going to call yourself a professional in this industry, or any industry, you need education,” said Liz Atkins of Benchmark Stables in Hampshire, Illinois.  “As the sport progresses things can change but the fundamentals of our sport never change and that’s why I like coming to George, his big emphasis is on fundamentals. You always go home feeling inspired. I always want to go home and ride a lot of horses and teach a lot of lessons. It ups your game and you go home more confident and re-energized.”

Karen McFarland and Altesse de Virton.

“I do it to push myself and keep going to the next level,” said professional Karen McFarland of Edgewater Spot Horses in St. Louis. “I go home and practice. I take what I learn and educate my clients with it. It makes you tougher. My favorite quote he said was ‘When the going gets tough, you get tougher.’”

Serah Vogus on Tyler Howard's Centamiro.

“I think the clinic is a great experience every year because the exercises are always challenging and I always come out of it with a lot of confidence,” said professional Serah Vogus of Millcreek Equestrian in Antioch.  “It’s something we look forward to every year, it’s a weekend where the basics are emphasized and you can see how focusing on the basics makes such a big difference in riding complicated tracks.”

Lindsay Yinger of Yinger Show Stables.

Linsay Yinger of Yinger Show Stables in Pataskala, Ohio said, “I think I personally gain from the clinic a group that subscribes to the same theory that is an important part of the American riding system. As a teacher, it gives me a fresh look on that and helps to promote the system to my clients. It gives me new exercises and reminders of things to take home and share with my clients.”

Melissa Donnelly of Just a Folly Farm.

“It helps reinvigorate the lessons at home, it helps push the envelope for us and tests our comfort levels setting us up to go into the next year,” commented Melissa Donnelly of Just a Folly Farm in Oxford, Michigan.  “It lets us take home the new excitement of try this, work on this that, it’s a good refresher for all of us to take home to our students.”

“He inspires you to do better, to get stronger and he gives you the confidence that you can do this,” added trainer Dorothy Campbell, also from Just a Folly Farm.
“Our motivation to holding this clinic comes from our dedication to eduction,” said Carney. “This education doesn’t come because its just a great event to have but because of the proven American riding system that’s great for the riders and the horses. It’s an opportunity to review the basics and its also quite fun! We can’t express our gratitude enough to George’s relentless dedication to education and his sincere effort to help others. We'd also like to thank the many trainers bringing riders and the auditors for sharing our commitment to education and classical riding."
Riders showed the utmost respect for Morris with impeccable turnout and braided horses. The clinic consisted of not only professionals, but also junior and amateur riders dedicated to improving their skills. Groups jumped heights of 1.10m, 1.20m and 1.30m with challenging exercises to practice basic skills. Morris continues on his clinic circuit, which takes him to California next. For a complete list of his clinics, visit
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