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Traveling with George H. Morris

Meet Megan Uditis,22, of Pataskala, Ohio. She is George H. Morris's clinic assistant for the 2010 clinic tour. How do you get that fortunate opportunity? Megan shared that she has ridden with George for many years in clinics in Ohio and Kentucky and used to to take weekly lessons with him at the Wellington Equestrian Festival (WEF). After a recent clinic with Morris in October, Morris told her to stay in touch.

Megan said, "I decided to call him and ask for some advice on getting to the next level with my riding and he asked me to go on this clinic tour with him." The tour runs until December 19th and includes stops in Chicago, Sacramento, Oregon, Pasadena and San Diego.

What is it like to travel and assist in the clinics? The mornings typically start with a course set. The groups begin with flat work and George does some demonstrating. Megan helps jump crew and is available to school horses to demonstrate the exercises or sharpen up a difficult horse.

Megan says, "I have learned so much, I have been able to ride a huge variety of horses, hear lots of cool stories, meet tons of new people, see different facilities and how they operate."

What can one hope to get out of the experience?

"I hope to get to meet tons of new people (which I have already), learn a ton from the clinics (again, I have already learned a ton), and to take home a lot of new exercises to work on with my own horses and ponies. I am now so motivated to get home and work on my flat work and riding with my own horses ...which is tough to be motivated in the colder months...but I have so many diagrams of courses and exercises to go home and build to practice with my horses," says Megan.

Megan currently rides with Angela Moore in Ohio and owns five horses including "Lisbegs Euro Touch", her Amateur Owner jumper and two young pony hunter prospects to train and sell. She is currently taking classes online for a Business Administration Degree and likes to run, spend time with family, play with her dogs, ski, hike and watch movies. After the clinic tour, Megan is contemplating either Florida or Europe but has much to consider before then. You can follow Megan's clinic experiences on her blog, Shawdowing a Legend,