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State Veterinarian Lifts EHV-1 Quarantine at Wisconsin Horse Farm

West Bend, WI – July 13, 2016 - Dr. McGraw from the Wisconsin State Veterinarian’s office has officially released the quarantine at Seoul Creek Farm in West Bend, Wisconsin, owned by Courtney Hayden-Fromm. The farm had several cases of the EHV-1 virus resulting in one equine death. Trainer Kelly Wampler of North Haven Farm, also has horses at the facility.
“I want to applaud you (Hayden-Fromm) for your grace under pressure and all of your hard work on this case.  I hope other stables will look to your response as an example.  You have been handling the response and communication extremely well.  It is very difficult and I hope that from now on out things will only get better and easier,” stated Shelby Molina, DVM, District Veterinarian, Wisconsin DATCP-Div. of Animal Health.
The attending veterinarian, Wisconsin Equine Clinic, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, stated, “As of Monday, June 13th 2016, the EHV-1 quarantine of Seoul Creek Farm has been lifted by the Wisconsin State Veterinarian. Seoul Creek Farm has  fulfilled all criteria including keeping a temperature log on every horse. There have been no fevers or clinical signs of Equine Herpes Virus on the farm for the last 21 days. All horses are considered safe to travel to shows and other locations. The medical records have been reviewed by Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital. Additionally, all horses have tested "negative" on both nasal swab and blood test for EHV-1.” 
All Old Seoul Equestrian Events in 2016 will continue as planned:
At Seoul Creek Farm:
Sweet Summertime July 15-17
Sweet Summertime July 19
Sweet Summertime July 22-25
At Washington County Fairgrounds:
Sweet Summertime Before the Derby August 17-18
WISCONSIN EQUINE Derby Weekend August 19-21
For more information on the upcoming events, visit the Old Seoul Equestrian website at

For more information on the EHV-1 quarantine, contact Shelby Molina, DVM, District Veterinarian at 608-516-9125 or