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Sponsors of the George H. Morris Gladstone Program at Annali-Brookwood Farm Support Higher Education by Handing Out Audit Passes


Praise for Education from the Top-Down

Antioch, IL – June 2, 2014 – The George H. Morris Gladstone Program to be held at Annali-Brookwood Farm is another week closer to providing in-depth training sessions for ten hand picked riders that may have the opportunity to compete in future U.S. team competitions. The Chicago area is gearing up for the event coordinated by Diane Carney, which takes place June 23-28, 2014. Sponsors of the George H. Morris Gladstone Program are showing their support for the training session by handing out audit passes, purchased as part of their sponsor package, to dedicated riders, trainers and owners who are interested in higher education.

George H. Morris. Photo by ChicaoEquestrian

Megan Schmit from Purina Animal Nutrition
 is happy to be handing out passes to some of their deserving clients in the Chicago area.
*Purina Animal Nutrition supports every level of equestrian and who better to teach every level than George H. Morris?” said Schmit. “Riders at the top of their game will be participating in the clinic with many (auditors) from beginner to very advanced auditing the clinic because his words and teachings resonate to every level of rider. Purina is excited to see equestrians from the local, regional and national area at the Gladstone training sessions in Chicago
this year!”

Another sponsor, G4 Marketing Group, supports the Gladstone Program because it is geared toward teaching riders to be well-rounded horse people, which is something the company believes is missing these days. 

"So many of the young riders today ride well but they don’t have a good foundation in other aspects of the sport such as veterinary care and horse management," said G4 partner Virginia Bartholomay.  "The education that  participants will receive during the program is priceless because they will be learning from experts who are at the top in their respective fields.  Continuing education is a must for any rider interested in competing at the elite level of the sport because that is how they will remain competitive and at the top of their game.  Actually, the same is true for riders of all levels of experience.  Any time there is an opportunity to learn from the best in the business, take advantage of it."

G4 will be handing over their passes to Anita Schadeck at Fields & Fences Farm to provide the opportunity for young riders to expand their knowledge.

The enthusiasm has spread from trainers in the area on down to the riding school. Kinvarra Farm and the Sassmannshausen Family of Elgin, IL are a perfect example of sharing education from the top down.
“We are super excited about this program being in Chicago,” said young trainer Ryan Sassmannshausen. “Personally, we always have a huge turn out for the GHM clinic that Diane (Carney) runs in the fall. So when our customers heard about the "training session" they were excited to have another opportunity to watch a master at his craft. On another note, it is always great for the industry when you hold events like this in the Midwest. It opens up so many doors for people who wouldn't be able to participate due to distance.”
Sassmannshausen has ridden in Morris’ Chicago clinic himself and continues to participate in education at every level it shows up.
He continued, “At Kinvarra Farm, we support the GHM Gladstone Program because it is the purest form of learning. George (Morris) pulls his teachings straight from our American School of Riding, the school that has taken us to the top of the sport.  George has never been one for gimmicks or the trending fads of riding, he believes in basics, discipline, technique, repetition, and of course, horsemanship. He always raises the bar in an effort to pull all that he can out of every horse and rider. It is a wonderful experience for us as auditors to absorb as much as we can and apply it to our riding. The only way to grow in this sport is by learning from the top (GHM) and working from the bottom (ones riding foundation). It's a great opportunity to educate ourselves and keep our internal flames for this sport burning”     
Trainer Sue Leverick of Millennium Farm in Mundelein, IL is also eager to share the experience with young riders in her barn.
“We are so excited for the Gladstone Program to be held in Chicago,” said Leverick.  “Our barn is attending as a group and we will be coming back to our barn in the afternoon and recreating each days session in a group lesson. There's always something to learn especially from George Morris!”
Jennifer Rousseau, trainer at Tudor Oaks Farm in Barrington Hill, IL, was excited to jump on board the moment she heard about the Gladstone Program. The mission at Tudor Oaks Farm is to provide the highest quality instruction in correct riding, and to that end, exposure to the best riders and one of the world’s greatest teachers fit perfectly with their educational vision and mission.
“Our audit passes will be distributed among our competitive junior and young rider students who range in experience from the FEI levels down through Novice level,” said Rousseau. “The most compelling reason for our wholehearted support of the GMH Gladstone Program was the opportunity to help bring such a high level, educational event right here to our own back yard. It is a rare opportunity, not to be missed or taken for granted, in our opinion. There are top riders and trainers in the Midwest who sometimes struggle for the National recognition they deserve. This event shines a spotlight on our home-grown equestrians, their achievements and their contribution to our sport.”
Lorrie Canady of Galway Farm in Long Grove, IL is also grateful for the Gladstone Program being held in the Chicago area.
I have ridden in George Morris clinics and shown at Spruce Meadows. Both opportunities inspired my riding and training,” said Canady. “I see the Gladstone Training Session at Carl & Rush’s (Weeden) to be similar to that top level of riding and an advanced learning opportunity right here in the mid-west.”
Canady is offering the Galway passes to her riders and customers so they can see first hand "what it takes" to be the best.
“Training Session coordinator Diane Carney is very experienced with international competition and working with George (Morris) so this week of learning will be very organized for the horses, riders and auditors and I am sure challenging,” continued Canady. “We can't wait to be part of the auditors.”
Auditors will be able to observe the riding portions of the Gladstone Program beginning on Monday, June 23 at 8:00am. An added special feature on Monday includes a flatwork demonstration by Anne Kursinski, which is also open to auditors.  Auditors are welcome the remainder of the week from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm daily until Saturday, June 28.  The cost is $75 without a pass. 

The purpose of the program is to continue to educate, support and guide riders on the overall knowledge and expertise required to succeed at the top level of show jumping internationally. In addition to daily training sessions with Morris, the riders will participate in hands on sessions with a veterinarian, farrier, a top team stable manager, physiotherapist, a media specialist and a high performance business executive.

Each rider will meet one-on-one with Morris during the week to discuss their current and future plans and Morris will help guide them in putting together a program that will continue their preparation for international competition. Morris will also remain available after the program to follow up and monitor each rider's progress.

The United States Equestrian Team Foundation ( is the non-profit organization that supports the competition, training, coaching, travel and educational needs of America's elite and developing international, high-performance horses and athletes in partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation. 

For more information on the USET Foundation, please call (908) 234-1251, or visit USET ONLINE at

For sponsorship opportunities and auditing information, contact Diane Carney 847-922-6167

Annali-Brookwood Farm is located at 18752 Edwards Road, Antioch, IL 60002.