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Serah Vogus Shares Her Gladstone Program Knowledge with Clients in a Creative Format

 Serah Vogus and Zamora work on water obstacles in the George H. Morris Gladstone Program. Photo Chicago Equestrian.

Antioch, IL – July 13, 2015 – Professional trainer, Serah Vogus, recently completed the George H. Morris Gladstone Program at Rush and Caroline Weeden’s Annali-Brookwood Farm. Vogus has been a professional since 2006 and often seeks out educational opportunities to up her game. She participated in the George Morris Chicago clinic in November the past three years and also rode in the Natural Obstacle Clinic Morris taught in 2013. Vogus was grateful to be selected to participate in the Gladstone Program this year and returned home after the week-long training session with new horsemanship skills and the inspiration to share everything with her team at Millcreek Farm.

She came up with the creative idea to impart the knowledge with a little friendly competition and modeled her program after the USHJA Zone 5 Horsemanship class, which is a written test, flat phase and jumping phase. Vogus believes in the importance of well-rounded riders that understand the care and management of horses as well as the riding aspect and thought this was a fun way to encourage education.
After Vogus’ Millcreek Farm students had a chance to audit the George Morris training session, they received an email invitation explaining that they had been accepted into the Millcreek Farm Horsemanship Class. On the first Saturday Vogus was back at the barn after the training session, she held a big group lesson for her riders and Diane Carney, Gladstone Program organizer, was the guest instructor. The group worked on some of the same flatwork techniques as they saw demonstrated at the Gladstone Program training session.

The group lesson at Millcreek Farm.

The following Wednesday, everyone took a written exam on the notes Vogus took during her week of education from the various experts.
The final test of the class was the following Saturday, with Diane Carney judging, who is a USEF R HU/EQ/JP licensed official. There was a draw for horses since all of the riders had to compete on horses other than their own. The competition consisted of two phases; the first phase was on the flat, similar to a Maclay or USET type flat phase and the second phase was an equitation type course over fences.

Horsemanship Champion 2015 Emma Alhalel.

Emma Alhalel, Riverwoods, IL, finished in the top spot. Alhalel, 17, usually shows in the Children’s/Adult jumpers and will be heading off to college in the fall.
“A very big thank you to Serah Vogus for putting together the Millcreek Horsemanship Week!” said winner Alhalel. “Getting the opportunity to learn from someone who spent the week at the Gladstone Clinic learning from George Morris was an incredible experience. From learning how to walk a course to riding new horses, this week was one of the best learning experiences. I'm lucky to be a part of a barn that goes above and beyond to provide new and helpful ways to become better riders and gain better horse sense.”
Kaitlyn Wilson, (left) Round Lake, IL, was a strong contender on Millcreek Farm's Bonfeuer, finishing first in both the over fences phase and written portion but was edged out by Alhalel in the flat phase. Ada Oldfather, Shorewood, WI, finished first in the flat phase and finished third overall. Oldfather will be competing in the upcoming Emerging Athletes Program at Ledges Sporting Horses, Roscoe, IL, hosted by Patrick Boyle.
Customers Alyssa Holden and Lana Neiman both put in excellent over fences rounds. Lauren Carter finished third in the flat phase and had a strong over fences round. Diane Radic had her first horse show experience and learned a lot about riding under pressure and how to overcome the challenges of riding an unfamiliar horse.
As the winner, Alhalel received a monogrammed saddle pad and baseball hat along with a gift certificate for three days of day care and training at her next horse show. Second and third place winners also received monogrammed saddle pads. 
Vogus and the Millcreek Team would like to thank all the sponsors and organizers of the Gladstone Program. A special thank you to Diane Carney for her support in the Millcreek Farm Horsemanship Clinic and for her endless support of the Gladstone Program.

Ada Oldfather finished third, a good warm up for the EAP clinic.

"This program is an absolute necessity for the future of our sport,” said Vogus.  “It was a life changing week that has forever changed my program for the better. Everyone needs to get behind programs like this and the Emerging Athletes Program, it’s an investment for the good of the sport and the well-being of the horses."
Vogus teaches and trains at Millcreek Farm, owned by Jan and Dean Milani, in Antioch, IL. Quality horses for sale. For more information, please visit her on Facebook at Millcreek Farm.
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Millcreek Farm Horsemanship Championship Results
Overall Winner Written Exam Over Fences Under Saddle
Emma Alhalel Kaitlyn Wilson Kaitlyn Wilson Ada Oldfather
Kaitlyn Wilson Emma Alhalel Alyssa Holden Emma Alhalel
Ada Oldfather Lana Neiman Lana Neiman Lauren Carter
Alyssa Holden Alyssa Holden Emma Alhalel Lana Neiman
Lana Neiman Lauren Carter Ada Oldfather Alyssa Holden
Lauren Carter Ada Oldfather Lauren Carter Kaitlyn Wilson
Diane Radic Diane Radic Diane Radic Diane Radic