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Ray Ainsworth Amazes Local Trainer at Illinois Clinic

Ray Ainsworth Amazes Local Trainer at Illinois Clinic

Ainsworth: a Master at Starting Horses and  

Helping Horses Overcome Behavioral Issues

Morton, IL - October 8, 2014 - Ray Ainsworth was the star attraction at Blain's Farm and Fleet Grand Opening in Morton, Illinois. The retail store management has invited Ainsworth back again and again for clinics at their grand openings because of his astounding gift for helping owners and riders start their horses the right way and work through and cure behavioral issues.


He was first introduced to the retailer 10 years ago by Don Preston, a regional sales manager for Behlen Manufacturing, a $65 million dollar farm and horse equipment manufacturer sponsoring a clinic at a Blain's event.


"When I first got hooked up with this guy, I thought he was just another wannabe horse trainer," said Preston."Then I saw him work. I went back and told our people: 'We better saddle up with this guy because this is the best I've ever seen.' And in the last 10 years, I've seen a lot of trainers, a lot of clinics, and this guy just blew me away. I have not seen a horse he could not fix. After working with him in 60 clinics or more, I know he's the real deal." 

Countless Blain's clinics later, Ainsworth never fails to wow participants and spectators with his ability to connect and communicate with horses. This was the case again at a recent Blain's Grand Opening event clinic in Morton, Illinois. 

Trey Dooley at the Ray Ainsworth Clinic in Morton, Illinois

Trey Dooley, from Monticello, Illinois, is an equine manager at D & M Stables in Mahomet, Illinois, where he boards, trains and gives lessons. He brought two horses to the Ray Ainsworth clinic, Trigger, a yearling stud colt and Phoenix, a 4-year-old mare.  With Trigger, Ainsworth did correct groundwork and worked to teach him to respect his personal space. Then he got him to do a little lunging, but what Dooley was really amazed with was how Ainsworth transformed Phoenix's behavior. 


"Every time I rode, I would get her up to a trot, she would kick-out," said Dooley. "[Ainsworth] did ground work and

Ray Ainsworth

showed [me] a lot about that and how he works with a horse. He asked me two questions and that was it. He said, 'Let the horse tell the rest.'  Every time he would do something with the horse, he would ask me, 'Has this or this been done?'  I would say, 'yes or no.' And he actually got up on that 4-year-old and made her trot. She never kicked out, never did anything, and she went perfectly fine the next day. Ray had a very good connection with Phoenix. He worked with her like he had been working her since she was born."


Since the clinic two weeks ago, Dooley has been working Phoenix without a problem. No more kicking out. She has become a solid citizen.


"I brought her back home that next day, and I did the ground work with her, just like he taught me," he said. "I saddled up, and I got up on her, got her into a trot. She never kicked out."


Dooley has become one of a long list of believers in Ainsworth's method.


"I had great results with Ray," shared Dooley. "He was amazing, and it was really interesting to watch him work with the horses. I've owned Phoenix for five months and could never figure out what was going wrong, and in 30 minutes he figured it out. That was amazing to me!"


Ray Ainsworth's next clinic will be held at Blain's Farm and Fleet Grand Opening in Dubuque, Iowa on Oct. 23-25.


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About Ray Ainsworth

As a winning jockey, trainer and competitor, Ainsworth developed and fine-tuned a technique based on the language of horses that he uses teaching horses and working with behavioral issues of every kind.  Ainsworth does not train horses; he teaches them in a way that makes him one of the world's most unique horsemen. 

Ainsworth has started more than 10,000 horses. His stress-free program teaches horses how to behave with a maximum of understanding. He works with all types, breeds of horses - young foals, old mares, abused horses, trailer-shy horses, horses who will not allow their feet and ears to be handled and every horse in between. Ainsworth's specialty is starting horses the right way and helping address behavioral concerns. Along the way, owners and riders learn horse language themselves and are able to apply this knowledge to improve their relationships with their horses.