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Leading Rider Bonus Update from Maffitt Lake


The coveted Leading Rider Bonuses will be awarded on the 30th and the results are shaping up as follows:


The Top 10 Professional Jumpers Leading Rider Bonus Standings to date are:


Katherine Frame-Dewar of Oconomowoc, WI
  1. Karen Cudmore
  2. Kathy Frame-Dewar
  3. Alex Granato
  4. Allison Kroff
  5. Kim Barone
  6. Brian Shook
  7. Heidi Hildebrand
  8. Erin Ferguson
  9. Kris Killam
  10. Kyle Dewar





The Top 10 Leading Professional Hunter Riders are shaping up as follows:  

Kim Barone on Jenna Golden's Dark Chocolate


  1. Kim Barone
  2. Dan Urban
  3. Karen Cudmore
  4. Kris Killam
  5. Kyle Muckler
  6. Janine Weatherby
  7. Jane Martinson
  8. Sue Kyllonen
  9. Jaimie Benner
  10. Johnny Salazar  

The Top 10 Leading Amateur Jumper Riders are as follows:

Laura Linback of Woodrun Farms
  1. Laura Linback
  2. Erin Haas
  3. Brooke Cudmore
  4. India Anderson
  5. Lynsey Whitacre
  6. Breah Mortenson
  7. Samantha Wagner
  8. Lisa Roskens
  9. Katherine Bentfield
  10. Rebecca Frisch

The Top 10 Leading Amateur Hunter Riders are shaping up as follows:


Patrice Urban of Elkhorn, NE
  1. Leah Brindley
  2. Patrice Urban
  3. Analisa Elkjer
  4. Anne Nowlan
  5. Amy White
  6. Tess Fortune
  7. Jill Schmidt
  8. Allison Piper
  9. Laura Linback
  10. 10.Eileen Fontaine








The Standings for the Leading Junior Jumper Riders are as follows:

Raven Ridge Gang!
  1. Katie Cox
  2. Caroline McCleese
  3. Margaux Wheeler
  4. Lubov Wallace
  5. Brandon Howard
  6. Juliet De La Huergo
  7. Daniel Cyphert
  8. Kamille Marcussen
  9. Patrick Gage
  10. Katie Kozeny

The Standings for the Leading Junior Hunter Riders are as follows:

     1.  Abbygale Funk
     2.  Carson Cavalline
     3.  Amanda Hauser
     4.  Samantha Seiler
     5.  Emma Gage
     6.  Jenna Golden
     7.  Natalie Robbins
     8.  Christina Hayden
     9.  Brooke Van Nortwick
    10.  Jillian Elisha

Remember: You have to be In It to Win It!! Only those present and showing the last week of Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center's Hott Horse Shows will be eligible to receive the coveted title of Leading Rider and the $1,500.00 cash prize! 

 Click here to download a prize list now!

The new hunter and sport horse classes will be featured during these two weeks and reduced entry fees are in place. This is THE season finale-so don't miss it! And, while you're at it, reserve your ride to the shows with Hott Shows