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Have You Had Your Safety Check?


How to Protect Your Valuable Assets, Horses and Employees, with Safety Check Inc.

Minooka, IL – March 5, 2015 – You’ve worked hard to own the perfect horse(s) and build your business, so how can you protect your valuable investments of both horses and employees? Have you had a safety check on your property to eliminate and reduce risks and hazards? Now you can minimize those unwanted accidents with the help of Safety Check Inc.
You might not be familiar with Safety Check Inc., but you will recognize AliBoo Farm and the Flury family. Safety Check has been a family business for over 30 years, developing safety programs for businesses and now they are pleased to introduce its loss control services to the equine Industry.

Taylor and Janet Flury pictured with their award winning young stallion Carrasca Z YHS, are familiar with the potential risks in the equine industry.

What does that mean to you? Safety Check not only knows the safety and health industry, they live in the equestrian world every day. As the owners of AliBoo Farm, a business specializing in the training of young horses, breeding and breeding consulting, they know the cost of horses and the difficulty in acquiring good help to keep those horses safe.
“With a barn full of stallions, we are always challenged to find help who can handle them for the safety of both the employee and the stallions,” said Janet Flury. “We understand the business of horses and the business of safety which makes us unique and qualified. We are adept at designing and implementing customized loss prevention programs that serve to protect employees, satisfy government regulations and ultimately lower company insurance premiums.”

Safety Check Inc. understands the potential value in animals such as this new filly out of Diamant d'Heure ABF (Diamant d'Semilly x Rio Grande) x Cassinda (Casall X Carthago x Lord). The dam is Cassinda, daughter of Mclain Wards Horse Cinderella 248.

“Recently a five-year-old stallion, Fabriano VDL (Casall x Chin Chin), sold for $400,000 at the VDL Auction,” added Taylor Flury. “We are so happy to have a Casall Broodmare in our program, Cassinda (Casall x Carthago x Lord x Cor de la Bryere). We know and appreciate our horses’ values and the potential values of young horses in our program, so we are always making sure they are safe and healthy.  It’s a part of our everyday life.”
Get the Competitive Edge
Although reducing accidents and lowering insurance premiums are valid reasons for creating a safety and health program, they may not be the only reasons. In today’s environment, your image will be enhanced by this intelligent business decision. Each year, increasing numbers of project owners and managers are choosing to examine the safety records of companies with whom they do business. An exceptional safety record isn’t simply something of which you can be proud of, it’s something that can give you a competitive edge.

Protect and Train Employees
Your employees are your most valuable assets. A successful loss prevention program doesn’t just increase your profitability, it demonstrates the commitment you have made to the safety and health of your employees. At Safety Check, Inc., they educate, motivate and remove barriers that prevent workers from becoming safety leaders.

Safely Check Inc. can offer assistance in Hazard Assessment, Safety & Health Program Development, Effective Tools For Continuing Education, OSHA Compliance, Expert Witness Testimony as well as On Site Employee training.
The program is an asset for any barn owner, event organizer or show facility and can assist you in protecting your priceless horses and employees.
For more information on how to get your safety check, Safety Check Inc. or AliBoo Farm, contact Janet Flury or 815-475-9991.

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