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George H. Morris Gladstone Program - Where are those riders now??

Riders From Annali-Brookwood Farm Sessions Top Grand Prix Lists

The 2015 George H. Morris Gladstone Program Annali-Brookwood Farm Training Session. Photo Chicago Equestrian.

Antioch, IL – June 21, 2016 – Annali-Brookwood Farm had the honor of hosting the USET Foundation’s George H. Morris “Gladstone Program” in June of 2014 and 2015, organized by Diane Carney, USEF R Licensed Official. The five-day training session was geared toward Midwest and West Coast riders, while Hamilton Farm in Gladstone, New Jersey, hosted sessions for East Coast riders. The "Gladstone Program" is an intensive week of training and education for exceptionally dedicated and talented show jumping riders who are serious about their interest and desire to pursue a path that will prepare them for International competition.
Since the training sessions, careers of the participating riders have catapulted into high gear as they apply the knowledge and advice of the experts, which included training techniques from George Morris and afternoon sessions with various specialists in their fields. Guest speakers included Dr. Marvin Beeman of Littleton Equine Medical Center, farrier Billy Liggett, Young Rider Chef D’Equipe DiAnn Langer, Dr. Mark Cassells of Homestead Veterinary Clinic, champion hunter rider Jennifer Alfano, Olympian Anne Kursinski, media representative Brenda Mueller, Dr. Deb Bennett, Laurie Pitts and Attorney Yvonne Ocrant.

Take a look at the statistics from the following riders and what they have accomplished since attending the program:
Lisa Goldman
Brandie Holloway
Hunter Holloway
Caitie Hope

Michael Tokaruk
Liz Atkins
Ashley Stannard
Morgan Dickerson
Stephen Foran
Rider Statistics

Lisa Goldman

Lisa Goldman and Centurion B riding to win the 1.40/1.45m CSI2* Longines Global Championship Miami. Photo Sportfot

Take Lisa Goldman of Red Coat Farm for example. Goldman, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, participated in two sessions at Hamilton Farm and one session at Annali-Brookwood Farm. She has continued to be a consistent winner, earning top ribbons in the grand prix ring at shows such as Ocala, Wellington, Split Rock Jumping Tour and the Longines Global Championship Tour in Miami. Her string of horses includes two seasoned horses, Morocco and Centurion B, along with some younger stock, Rocs to Riches and Hindsight for example. Her consistency at the top levels is proof she has a program for success.
Lisa Goldman stats:
Centurion B
  • 2016 Won the $40,000 Amalaya Investments CSI3* Grand Prix- Split Rock 
  • 2016 Won the 1.40/1.45m CSI2* Longines Global Championship Miami
  • 2016 2nd in the $40,000 CSI3* FEI Mutual of Omaha Bank Speed Derby
  • 2016 Top 10 in the $130,000 International Omaha Grand Prix.
  • Almost $60,000 in jumper money so far this season 
  • 2016 Won $50,000 TuffRider/Equine Couture Grand Prix – Ocala January
  • 2016 Won Brookledge Open Welcome – Ocala January
  • 2016 2nd in $25,000 SmarkPak Grand Prix- Ocala January Festival
  • 2016 Won $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix - Ocala Premiere
  • 2016 Won $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix – Ocala Winter Classic
  • 2016 Won $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix – Ocala Winter Festival
  • 2016 Won $15,000 Grand Prix at The Ridge – Wellington
  • 2016 Won $35,000 Illustrated Properties 1.45m – WEF 9
  • Almost $75,000 in jumper money so far this season
  • Lifetime Jumper Earnings of $879,572
Brandie Holloway

Brandie Holloway and Lucky Strike in Ocala. Photo Marish Media

Brandie Holloway, Equi-Venture Farm, Topeka, Kansas, attended the training session in 2015. The accomplished grand prix rider juggles motherhood, riding, coaching and organizing her daughter’s (Hunter Holloway) training schedule. Holloway has numerous grand prix victories on her resume and since the Gladstone Program, has been consistently in the top 10. Her main grand prix mount is Lucky Strike and occasionally Any Given Sunday.
Brandie Holloway Stats:
  • 2016 Placed 4th in the $100,000 Sullivan GMC Grand Prix – Ocala
  • 2016 3rd $130,000 International Omaha Grand Prix
  • 2016 -12 top ten grand prix placings so far this season
  • 2015 Won $20,000 Welcome Stake at Showplace Spring Spectacular
  • 2015 Won $50,000 Tryon Grand Prix on Lucky Strike
  • 2014 Won the $33,000 FEI CSI2* Mutual of Omaha Speed Derby at The International Omaha on Lucky Strike
  • Lifetime Jumper Earnings $455,320

Hunter Holloway
Hunter Holloway and VDL Bravo S earned a grand prix win in Ocala. Photo Mareish Media

Junior rider Hunter Holloway, Equi-Venture Farm, Topeka, Kansas, participated in the training sessions in 2014 and 2015. This junior rider hits the mark in the hunters, jumpers and equitation and is working toward serious team competitions. Her grand prix mounts are VDL Bravo S and Cassevel.
Hunter Holloway Stats:
  • 2016 Won $75,000 Tryon Grand Prix – Cassevel
  • 2016 Won U25 Tryon – VDL Bravo S
  • 2016 Won $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix – VDL Bravo S - Ocala March
  • 2016 Won $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix – Cassevel – Ocala March
  • Won ASPCA Regional Finals 3 times
  • 2015 Reserve Champion Pessoa USEF Medal Final
  • 2015 Third Overall Washington International Equitation Finals
  • 2015 Washington International Horse Show Style Award
  • 2015 Washington International Reserve Champion Junior Jumpers
  • 2015 Won $60,000 Grand Prix in Colorado on VDL Bravo S
  • 2015 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month - June
  • 2015 Grand Champion Small Junior Hunter – Devon Horse Show
  • 2015 Won Ronnie Mutch Equitation Championship at Devon
  • 2015 Leading Junior Rider at International Omaha
  • Lifetime Jumper Earnings $240,905

Caitie Hope

Caitie Hope and Total Touch. Photo Chicago Equestrian

Amateur rider Caitie Hope, Cleveland, Ohio, juggles a new teaching career with her riding and showing. She attended the 2014 training session, in addition, Hope is fortunate to participate in the George H. Morris Chicago Clinic in November each year. Hope has managed to continually earn top ribbons in grand prixs and amateur owner jumper classes at top shows such as WEF, Chagrin, Harrisburg, The National Horse Show and the International Omaha. Trainer Diane Carney, keeps the horses ready for Hope to step into the show ring. Her mounts are Vision EH and Total Touch.

"The Gladstone experience taught me to appreciate, more than ever, the different parts of the team that make it all "work". During the Gladstone week, all of the riders were there from dawn until dusk performing the necessary tasks to make it to our lesson with George, but also everything else from cleaning tack, to wrapping, to checking to make sure our horses were comfortable during a hot and physically demanding week. Prior to Gladstone, I never really had to do all of those things by myself. As an adult amateur rider with a career outside of the horses, I truly mean it when I say that it doesn't happen without the help of the team," said Hope.

Caitie Hope Stats:
  • 2016 Won $25,000 David Q Wright Memorial Grand Prix – Vision EH
  • 2016 Second $25,000 David Q Wright Memorial Grand Prix – Total Touch
  • 2016 Second $15,000 Lake St. Louis Grand Prix – Total Touch
  • 2016 Third $15,000 Lake St Louis Grand Prix – Vision EH
  • 2016 Fourth $15,000 High Jr/AO 1.40m Classic Int’l Omaha -Total Touch
  • 2015 Won $30,000 Grand Prix March St. Louis – Total Touch
  • 2015 Champion A/O Jumpers Atlanta Summer – Vision EH
  • 2015 Champion A/O Jumper Atlanta Summer II – Total Touch
  • 2015 Champion High A/O Jumper Chagrin Valley – Total Touch
  • 2015 Reserve Champion High A/O Jumpers Chagrin Valley – Vision EH
  • 2015 Won SJHOF Chagrin Valley - Vision EH
  • Lifetime Jumper Earnings $80,950

Michael Tokaruk

Michael Tokaruk and Baton Rouge winning the $25,000 Grand Prix in Brownland, TN. Photo Shaw Sisters Photography

Michael Tokaruk, Tokaruk Show Stables, Collierville, Tennessee, has had great success since the 2015 training session with Morris. Many of Tokaruk’s mounts are sale horses loaned to him to show and sell. His grand prix stock includes Charlie Jayne’s Cupid Shuffle, Jennifer Gates’ Baton Rouge and Madison Johnson’s Eminem to name a few.
“The Gladstone Program helped elevate my riding, training and horse management to another level. Every day in my show jumping business, I utilize skills I either acquired or developed during the program,” said Tokaruk.
Michael Tokaruk Stats:
  • 2016 Won $25,000 Grand Prix at Brownland – TN – Baton Rouge
  • 2016 Leading Open Jumper Rider Pin Oak Charity – TX
  • 2016 Six Open Jumper wins on Vanrock - TX
  • 2015 Won 7-year old Young Jumper Championship on Vanrock – KY
  • 2015 Won $25,000 Grand Prix at the Brownland Farms Spring II Horse Show -Qasqai
  • 2015 Won the Welcome Stake - Germantown
  • 2015 Won the $5,000 Versatility Challenge - Germantown Charity Horse Show
  • 2015 Won the $15,000 Open Welcome with Qasqai - Germantown
  • 2015 Third in the $30,000 Grand Prix at Brownland - Quasqai
  • Lifetime Jumper Earnings $261,023

Liz Atkins

Liz Atkins and Esconial. Photo Andrew Ryback.

Liz Atkins, owns and manages Benchmark Stables in Hampshire, Illinois. She turned professional in 2014 and was named Top Young Professional Grand Prix Rider by USHJA. Atkins attended the 2015 training session. Despite a tough 2015 plagued with a separated shoulder and a broken ankle, Atkins continued to keep her horses in shape and fine-tune her program.
“One of the biggest things I took away from Gladstone was thinking about the big picture. It’s not just about how you ride the horses but it starts back in the barn from the moment you walk in,” said Atkins.
Liz Atkins Stats:
  • 2016 Top 10 1.30 and 1.40 finishes HITS Ocala
  • 2016 2nd place 1.35m WEF
  • 2015 Wins in the 1.35m and 1.40m Great Lakes Equestrian Festival
  • 2015 Top 10 finishes in Friday and Sunday Prixs Great Lakes Equestrian Festival
  • 2015 Top 5 and 6 place finishes Welcome and Grand Prix Equifest II
  • Lifetime Jumper Earnings $92,838
Ashley Stannard

Ashley Stannard and Fierte Violet winning the $25,000 HITS Tucson Grand Prix. 

Ashley Stannard, 31, runs Ashbrook Farm in Tucson, Arizona and attended the 2014 session at Annali-Brookwood Farm. Stannard recently retired her grand prix mount Whisper VC and picked up nine-year-old Fierte Violet. The pair started in the 1.35m in 2015, earning two ribbons in grand prix classes in Scottsdale. Stannard racked up two grand prix wins already this season
“The Gladstone program showed me that as a professional, I was on the right track, but there was so much more attention to detail that my program could benefit from. The Gladstone program has been a major foundation of what I practice, teach and believe, and I am forever grateful for that experience,” said Stannard.
Ashley Stannard Stats:
  • 2016 won $25,000 HITS Grand Prix – Tuscon Winter Classic
  • 2016 won Grand Prix of Arizona – Scottsdale Spring Classic
  • 2016 third $25,000 HITS Grand Prix – Sahuaro Classic
  • 2016 fourth Scottsdale Spring Grand Prix – Scottsdale Spring Festival

Morgan Dickerson

Morgan Dickerson and Disaronno VT.

Morgan Dickerson, Pasadena, California, made a seamless transition from the junior divisions to the amateur division. He attended the 2015 training session and qualified for all of the major medal finals that year. He now continues to compete while attending college at Duke University.
“The Gladstone Program really helped me to prepare for these bigger competitions and the equitation finals,” explained Dickerson. “George (Morris) is good at motivating you to keep putting the work in. I’m able to give each ride a purpose now to achieve my goals.”
Morgan Dickerson Stats:
  • 2016 Won U25 Qualifier $25,000 Grand Prix at Showpark Ranch & Coast - Disaronno VT.
  • 2016 Won $5,000 Med Jr/A-O Jumper Classic at HITS Thermal - Cala D'Or 3
  • 2015 Won the Dan Abbey Sportsmanship Award and the Jr Achievement Award from CPHA
  • 2015 Won $7500 CashCall, Inc. U25 Qualifier - Balou Blom
  • 2015  Overall Reserve Champion Large Junior Hunter 16-17 at the West Coast Junior Hunter Finals - Cafe de Columbia
  • 2015 alternate rider for the Young Riders A Team  Zone 10. 
Stephen Foran
Stephen Foran and Cassius jumping 2.0m at CSI 2* Biblis, Germany.

Stephen Foran, Lake Forest, Illinois, has had success of a different kind – experience and opportunity. After the Gladstone Program, Foran rode professionally in Europe for over a year and a half. He started in Belgium, working for top Dutch coach and dealer Henk Nooren. He rode the young horses and sale horses up to 1.45m on the Belgian circuit. He then traveled to Germany, where he rode many sale horses from dealers up to the CSI 2* grand prix level at both international and national German shows. Foran then came back to the States to ride for Anne Kursinski and may be returning to Europe in the future.
“The Gladstone experience helped to improve my knowledge and skills to be able to compete at the higher levels,” said Foran.
There are other riders doing well in the rankings from both Annali-Brookwood Farm and the Gladstone Sessions at Hamilton Farm as well. This was a small sample of the great things these riders are doing springboarding off the training sessions. These sessions are not possible without the donations of private sponsors. The Gladstone Program is not on the schedule for 2016. 
Annali-Brookwood Farm Riders

Adrienne Dixon, Hillsborough, CA
Stephen Foran, Lake Forest, IL
Courtney Frederick, Longmont, CO
Lisa Goldman, Hawthorn Woods, IL
Hunter Holloway, Topeka, KS
Caitlin Hope, Barrington Hills, IL
Lindsey Lamb, Tulsa, OK
Caroline McLeese, Omaha, NE
Ashley Stannard, Tucson, AZ
KC Van Aarem, Ocala, FL
Liz Atkins, Hampshire, IL
Ariel Black, Scottsdale, AZ
Morgan Dickerson, Pasadena, CA
Brandie Holloway, Topeka, KS
Hunter Holloway, Topeka, KS
Caroline McLeese, Omaha, NE
Kelly Smith, Portland, OR
Michael Tokaruk, Collierville, TN
Serah Vogas, Antioch, IL