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Competition + Education = Private Tutoring Services, Inc.

Academics and Athletes

Most young equestrians believe that competing, riding and horses are what their lives revolve around. It’s becoming more of a challenge to combine education and competition to fully satisfy both rider and family. What most young equestrians and their families don’t realize is that they can have the best of both worlds. Private Tutoring Services, Inc. bridges that gap and makes it a reality. They offer one-on-one tutoring or small student/teacher ratios either in person or via Skype depending on the location. No subject is too much for Private Tutoring Services. They are there to help build and cultivate their students both socially and individually; to help find and then develop their students' learning styles.

Chicago Equestrian was able to speak with Wendy Salomon, Director at Private Tutoring Services, at the Alltech National Horse Show. She went on to explain why she had decided to become part of this company; it was because she recognized the need for education in these young equestrian athletes’ lives and their love of horses. She wanted to help student athletes pursue their passion of riding while providing them the best education. Since Private Tutoring Services are set up to be entirely flexible, Salomon stated that many of her clients stay in their regular schools during the day and then support them only when they are travelling for training or competition. They can do as little or as much as any family needs. These sessions can happen at any time or place which allows the students to work at all times if and when they are gone for a competition or even training. Many Chicago riders have used her services.

Every subject from Humanities to the Sciences are covered and encouraged. No topic is left unstudied. Private Tutoring Services allows students to truly enjoy studying and completing homework while training or competing at any and all shows including WEF, HITS Ocala, Gulfport, HITS Thermal and Indoors. At these competitions, Salomon went on to explain, they set up study hall space which is open to all of their students and to students that don’t use their services. This then allows them to stay connected to their tutors and assist in their student’s needs. The number one priority for Private Tutoring Services that Salomon reiterated over and over was education, education, education.

Private Tutoring Services understands that there is a need for Education in the Equestrian world. Taking that step to further staying in contact with and communicating with their students while training or competing is essential not just for them but for the riders and their families. They “understand the intensity of competition and offer comprehensive guidance and management while students are away from school or enrolled in independent study programs” (Private Tutoring Services, Inc.). To learn more you can go to their website at